Brand Hype. An educational resource on product placement in the movies


Brand Hype (2004-2012) is a media education resource about product placement in Hollywood movies. The site is no longer being updated. All inquiries should be directed to mattsoar at gmail dot com 

The most important project innovation is our database, containing details on every single brand appearance in over 200 well-known Hollywood movies. This is still accessible in several ways: From the menu above you can see a list of all the movies we logged. Or the most branded movies; or the most branded characters. Using the Visualizer, you can select a movie from the database and create a visual map of all the brands it contains - in three different ways. Finally, advanced users can still access the database directly (via the Brand Hype API, above). 

The Brand Hype database was designed so that anyone with questions about product placement - students, teachers, journalists, media literacy advocates and media researchers - could ask questions such as: "which movies feature Chevrolet cars?" (Answer: we have 9 listed, including A Beautiful Mind, The Clearing, Constantine, Sin City, etc.); or, "How many times did Fed Ex actually appear in Cast Away?" (Answer: 56 times.)

The Brand Hype project was conceived in 2004 and was directed by Dr. Matt Soar, Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal. Original site design and programming by Stuart Thiel. Site redevelopment by Gabriel Gosselin under the direction of Matt Soar, with assistance from Ryan Cadrette. Past team members: Lesley Husbands; Danielle Devereaux; Fernando Aloise. 

The development of the Brand Hype API was funded by a small grant from the Office of the Vice President, Research & Graduate Studies, Concordia University. Brand Hype was originally made possible by a Research/Creation in the Fine Arts grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and is the sister project of Logo Cities (which itself led to The Montreal Signs Project).